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 July 22, 2015

Calls-to-Action: 10 Quick Tips to Make Yours Effective

Call-to-Action Tips to Make Yours EffectiveHave your ever wondered how searching online for a news article somehow can lead you to buying a new pair of shoes? The power of technology grants us access to anything by the click of a button, and what makes that power easy is calls-to-action.

A call-to-action (CTA) is an image or text that prompts visitors to take action on your offer. They lead visitors to your landing page where you can collect their information in exchange for your offer. The way you design and implement your CTAs is crucial to the effect they have on your organization. CTAs are fighting for one thing—your visitors’ attention. Be sure you are hitting the mark with a CTA that compels your visitors to take action on your offer.

Here are 10 quick tips to help you create, implement and analyze your CTAs:

  1. Use clear, confident and concise language: Your CTA should describe your offer so your visitor knows what to expect, but the content should not be too long or too wordy. Keep your CTA language short, sweet and to the point. Be clear and confident to entice your visitors to click.
  2. Convey value: Convey the value of your offer in your CTA. What benefits will your visitors receive from your offer? What will compel them to click?
  3. Use testimonials, numbers or questions: Using testimonials, numbers or questions adds extra value to your CTA and grabs your audience’s attention. If you use one of these tools, be sure it relates to your context and is appropriate for your target audience. What will give them that extra push to take action?
  4. Create urgency: CTAs should create a sense of urgency with your audience. You want to compel them to take action the moment they see and read your CTA. Use language that emphasizes seasonality, like “today” or “now” to help create a sense of urgency.
  5. Be action-oriented: Tell your visitors exactly what action you want them to take. Begin your CTAs with verbs like “download” or “register” and then include text that tells your visitors what to expect when they click.
  6. Craft your CTA to your content: Match your CTA not only to the offer it leads to, but also to the place its located. There is a reason your visitor is on your page, so place CTAs where they fit into the context of your other digital marketing communications. This will improve the click-through rate of your CTA.
  7. Include CTAs for different stages in the buying cycle: Having a wide variety of CTAs allows you to segment them to different consumers. You may have offers that appeal to someone in the early stages of the cycle, or ones that appeal to someone in the later stages. Create your CTAs so they adhere to those different stages.
  8. Place CTAs on your website, social media and other marketing communications: CTAs should be located throughout your digital marketing communications. This includes email marketing, social media pages, website pages, blogs, videos, etc. Match your CTAs to the context surrounding them to ensure you receive a high click-through rate.
  9. Measure the effectiveness of your CTAs: Monitor your CTA’s performance so you can pinpoint areas to improve. Key metrics to measure are click-through rates, clicks-to-submission, and views-to-submission.
  10. Analyze your data and keep testing: Once you have measured and gathered data, analyze your results and determine what is working for your CTAs and what you need to improve. Make necessary changes and remember to always keep testing their effectiveness.

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