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 February 24, 2016

Building Your Inbound Marketing Toolkit: Social Media

Inbound Marketing Toolkit - Social MediaA 2015 Statista report forecasted that the amount of social network users in 2016 will be about 2.13 billion, which is up from 1.4 billion in 2012.

Why are consumers using this popular form of interaction, and why have businesses jumped on the bandwagon? Social media allows you to connect and share ideas, content and news. By integrating social media into your inbound marketing campaign strategy, you allow your organization to interact directly with consumers. This interaction will help your organization build trust with consumers, leading to more visitors, leads and customers.

Why Should Social Media Be in Your Marketing Toolkit?

Interacting with your audience on social media is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your rapport with them. It allows you to connect and share ideas directly to customers, potential customers and industry thought leaders. Building this rapport and sharing helpful resources helps your audience make better decisions. Consumers will continuously see the value you have to offer and remember it time and time again. This recognition benefits your Brand and delivers the results you strive for.

Social media marketing has many benefits for your Brand. Some ways it will affect your inbound marketing strategy and your Brand’s performance are:

  • Increased Brand recognition
  • Improved Brand loyalty
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Higher Brand authority
  • Increased inbound traffic
  • Decreased marketing costs
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Improved customer experiences and insights

These benefits will help consumers distinguish your organization from your competition. Implementing an effective social media marketing strategy will get your campaigns noticed, generating a greater amount of traffic to your website.

Integrating Social Media Into Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Strategy

Social media marketing allows you to connect with your customers through likeable content, reciprocity, responsiveness and transparency. By sharing your campaign on social media, you are able to engage with visitors and increase your campaign’s awareness.

The use of social media marketing has skyrocketed over the years. Organizations are using it to communicate with their audiences, generate traffic and increase Brand recognition. When you implement social media into your inbound marketing campaigns, you will begin to see an improvement in their effectiveness.

Social media marketing is an essential component to your marketing toolkit. Learn more about social media and the six other inbound marketing tools in our eBook Tools of the Trade: 7 Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign. These 7 tools will put your inbound marketing campaign on the fast track to success.

Integrate social media into your inbound marketing program. Let's touch base and I will put the Hult Team's experience to work for you. We can connect at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your Brand. 

 Download the Tools of the Trade eBook Today!

Download the Tools of the Trade eBook Today!