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 December 16, 2015

Building Your Inbound Marketing Toolkit: Landing Pages

Building Your Inbound Marketing Toolkit: Landing PagesLanding pages are web pages that allow you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form. Typically, a visitor arrives on your landing page after they click on your offer’s call-to-action. Your landing page allows your visitor to download or sign up for your offer in exchange for their information, and you receive a new lead to add to your database.

Landing pages are an essential part of any integrated inbound marketing program. In fact, companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12 times more leads than those with five or less.

Sounds like a good deal right? But, if creating more landing pages means you will increase your number of leads, why are only 48% of marketers creating a customized landing page for each campaign they run? Landing pages should be added to your marketing toolkit and used throughout every campaign in order to optimize their results.

Why Should Landing Pages Be in Your Marketing Toolkit?

The answer is simple: landing pages convert visitors into leads. The more landing pages you have, the more leads you will generate.

Landing pages should be a part of your marketing toolkit to ensure that you are moving your website visitors along the sales cycle. You can also use the data you collect to analyze their performance and gather more information about your target audience.

Creating multiple targeted landing pages will also increase your visitors’ online experience. If you direct users to your homepage for every offer you promote, they will have no idea where to go once they arrive. Landing pages help guide your visitors’ navigation. Visitors will be directed to a page with information on the offer they were interested in. This process will help convert visitors into leads.

Integrating Landing Pages Into Your Inbound Marketing Campaign Strategy

Create a landing page for every campaign you plan—from an event launch to an eBook release. Your page should highlight exactly what viewers need to know about your campaign and provide links such as calls-to-action and social sharing buttons to move them through your campaign.

The key to a successful landing page is to focus it on a single campaign. Your visitor landed on your page because they were interested in your offer; so don’t lose their attention by adding unrelated topics.

Landing pages are essential to have in your marketing toolkit. Learn more about landing pages and the six other inbound marketing tools in our eBook Tools of the Trade: 7 Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign. These 7 tools will put your inbound marketing campaign on the fast track to success.

Integrate landing pages into your inbound marketing campaigns. Let's touch base and I will put the Hult Team's experience to work for you. We can connect at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your Brand. 

 Download the Tools of the Trade eBook Today!

Download the Tools of the Trade eBook Today!