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 December 11, 2014

Nurturing Leads to Convert Visitors and Build Your Brand

Nurturing Leads Can Build Your BrandYour Brand is a direct representation of what your organization stands for. Your Brand sets the expectations and perceptions of what a potential customer or patient should expect from you. Your Brand is the sum total of what your team does on a day-in and day-out basis. It’s who you are today. It’s your identity in the marketplace. It’s the key distinction between you and your competitors.

So, to say that I’ve beat this drum before would be an understatement. Your Brand is so much more than a logo and a pile of Branding executions — it’s the heart and soul of your organization. Find it. Understand it. Live it. Those are the prerequisites to making it real and authentic. In a previous post I talked about a very tactical application and connection to your Brand, the landing page. The landing page, when done right, is a great marketing tool you can utilize to showcase your Brand and a great way for current and prospective patients and customers to get a peek inside what drives you. And, if the stars are in alignment, a visitor might even tell you they are interested in you (your Brand) by submitting their contact information to you. Now that is good stuff.

Once a visitor has “raised their hand” by submitting their (basic) contact information to you, they have made the first level of commitment to a potential relationship. They have turned into a prospect. A lead. Someone who is interested in you. They have said, figuratively, that they are interested in what you have to say. What you think and do. They, more or less, “kinda like you.”

So, when somebody says they “kinda like you,” just sitting on the contact information doesn’t really help them to learn more about you, nor does it help you reach your marketing goals. After you have their contact information, it’s time to nurture the relationship, by providing them more information that they are interested in. Right? They said they were interested in you. Tell them more about yourself — your Brand. Tell them what makes you, uniquely you. Nurture the relationship.

To break it down into its core elements, lead nurturing is the process of developing a relationship with your leads through consistent communications from your organization on the subject the lead has expressed interest in. Lead nurturing comes down to properly timing your communication with the lead as well as targeting them with relevant information and offers to hopefully convert them into a future customer or patient.

You may be thinking, “why does timing matter,” since you already have their contact information and you can reach out to them whenever is convenient to you. Well, establishing contact with the lead quickly and with relevance is essential to converting that faceless lead into a patient or customer. According to MIT Study with Inside Sales, 78% of revenue generating events with an organization that start with a web inquiry are won by the first organization that responds.

Think about that for a second. If your landing page is appealing enough so that your visitors actually take the time to fill out the form for your offer (meaning they convert), your chances of converting a visitor to a user of your services are greatly improved, provided you follow up quickly and effectively.

So to be sure, don’t wait too long to contact your leads. Response rates decline rapidly as the age of a lead increases. Enter marketing automation. The time is now. It’s real. It works. It’s super measurable. And, if done correctly, it does not sound like you are talking to a computer program or someone from the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

Besides timing your emails, targeting your visitors is just as important. The emails you send the real-live beating heart who just signed up for one of your offers should be relevant to the topic of the offer. Really relevant. And of real value. So, for example, if they sign up to get a free eBook about how to start a healthy exercise program, chances are they wouldn’t be too interested in a book about “how your gym has the best trainers.” However, they would most likely be interested in getting some information, down the road about, about “how to eat healthier.” Remember it’s baby-steps. Nurturing.

Make sure your follow up emails include calls-to-action and include other related offers (ideas, checklists, polls, videos, etc.), as well messaging that is consistent with your Brand. Keep your potential customers’ interests piqued. Keep it real, targeting and timing your follow-ups correctly is important to help secure a new client and show off that you have a responsive, relevant and attractive Brand.

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Lead nurturing is one of the most essential steps in converting a lead to a patient or customer, so you need to make sure you’re marketing to them the right way. Let's touch base and I will put the Hult Team's experience to work for you. We can connect at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your Brand. 

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