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 June 13, 2019

Brand Authenticity: Why Authentic Content Matters to Your Healthcare Marketing

The marketing world today is much different than it was ten years ago. Over the past few decades, healthcare marketing and other industries’ marketing campaigns have undergone a serious change-up. What do we mean? Just take a look at your email inbox -- yes, the one with all the marketing emails. What do you notice about them? That’s right -- brands are no longer trying to offer just the best deals and the cheapest prices -- they are also offering something called “authenticity.”adult-agreement-beard-573565

If you don’t know what authenticity is in marketing, it may be one of the most important words you’ll ever learn in relation to marketing. Let’s take a look at brand authenticity, what it means, how you get it for your healthcare business, and how it can benefit your business immediately and over time.

What is Brand Authenticity?

Everyone wants healthcare brands to be highly visible, liked, and respected. Healthcare, in particular, is a piece of our lives that is private, personal, and very important to our overall well being and happiness. It’s more important that a healthcare brand present itself honestly and in a straightforward manner than, say, a picture frame brand. In healthcare, everyone is looking for a brand that makes them feel safe, cared for, and informed. In people, you might call this “sincerity,” but in marketing we call it “brand authenticity,” and believe us -- it matters!

Brand authenticity is when a healthcare brand “walks the talk.” In other words, a brand should represent itself honestly, and follow through on its promises to consumers, governments, and patients alike. Authenticity literally means “genuineness,” or “worthy of acceptance or belief.” That means your healthcare brand should be as real as it gets. As baby boomers age and millennials come of age, the importance of honest branding, brand quality, and keeping brand promises is becoming a key part of marketing. Audiences and consumers today require that brands:

  • Make the world a better place

  • Be held to their own requirements

  • Provide the quality of care they advertise

  • Keep patient information private

How Can My Healthcare Business Get Brand Authenticity?

Brand authenticity starts with a company’s culture, and your healthcare brand should decide on this topic before launching a marketing campaign or marketing campaign overhaul. In other words, envision the type of healthcare brand you want to be, and base your marketing campaign on that idea. Always keep in mind that your consumers and patients and workers are people, first and foremost, with needs, wants, and requirements for great healthcare. If you start from there, chances are you’ll quickly hit a level of brand authenticity that appeals to your consumer base, and that takes your healthcare business to new heights. Healthcare, after all, is caring for people in every way possible.

How Can Brand Authenticity Help My Healthcare Brand?

Blogging and website content are excellent places to build your brand authenticity from, and display it for consumers, patients, and others to see. If your website content shows your authenticity, your audience will feel it as well. The new audience of healthcare holds healthcare brands to their word in every imaginable way, which keeps brands authentic and can help your brand show its audience the best side of healthcare.

If your healthcare marketing campaign isn’t as authentic as you want it to be, think about revamping it, and stay on the cusp of healthcare marketing trends in 2019. Hult Marketing can help your healthcare brand establish its authenticity in the healthcare industry, with nowhere to go but up. We will walk your decision-makers through our Brand Development process that defines the attributes that define Brands. Establishing your healthcare brand as the most authentic in your area is a fantastic goal for your team to strive towards. 

Let's chat and put the Hult Team’s inbound experience to work for you. You can reach me at either 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can grow your healthcare Brand.

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