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 September 27, 2018

The Ultimate Benefits Of Scheduling Out Your Social Media Posts

As an employee, we have many responsibilities to balance throughout our day. This can lead to becoming overwhelmed with the amount of things to do and the lack of time to get them done. Something that frequently seems to take up quality time each day is posting on social media. With 22% of the world’s total population on Facebook, 81% of millennials checking Twitter at least once per day, and 530 million user profiles on LinkedIn, it is very important for your company to have a social presence. Social should be a big part of every company’s marketing plan, but it shouldn’t consume your entire

While it is important that these posts are going out frequently, the way to prevent it from taking up all your time is to schedule it out. Scheduling social media posts frees up a lot of time and helps your social accounts be consistent to the consumer. In this blog post, we will talk about scheduling social media posts and the benefits they give you and your company.


Whether you are scheduling monthly, weekly, or daily, it is important to be consistent when posting on different platforms. Different social platforms can have different audiences. So when you are scheduling posts, it is important to share your content amongst the different platforms, but in a different manner depending on the audience.

For example, Twitter posts will be a lot shorter and get straight to the point, whereas you would want to elaborate and show clear purpose in each post when using LinkedIn. This sets expectations for your followers so that they know how frequently you’ll post and what type of quality content they can expect from your company.

Fewer Distractions

As I mentioned earlier, you probably have a lot to do in your day and don't need to be distracted by social media. We have all fallen into the trap of getting on Twitter to post something and then spending the next hour scrolling through our feed. Scheduling all of your posts at once helps you not waste this valuable time. Setting a time each week or month to schedule posts will help your productivity and efficiency with your other work that needs to get done.

More Intentional Posts

Once you start scheduling your social posts and keeping everything consistent, you will see what is working for your healthcare Brand. This can lead you to creating better posts in the future that your followers want to read and will hopefully get something out of. Sitting down and thinking through your next week’s social posts at one time allows you to think through your strategy and purpose for posting.

If you just post daily, in the moment, you are not going to be thinking through the strategy for your company’s overall social media marketing. Rather, you’ll just post something random just to get content out there. Once you start to be strategic with your posts, you will see your likes, shares, and followers start to grow.

Overall, it is extremely important to monitor and grow your social media platforms, and the best way to start that is by scheduling out your social media posts. When your social media starts to grow, your business will grow along with it. Something as easy as scheduling social posts can minimize your workload and take your business to the next level.

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