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 November 24, 2015

Analyzing Your Calls-to-Action

Analyzing Your Calls-to-ActionA lot of time and effort has been spent creating your calls-to-action (CTAs). You have made sure they are enticing, compelling your website visitors to click. You placed them throughout your website and added them to emails, blogs and videos. You’ve ensured they are optimized to produce the best possible results for your Brand. So you are finished then, right? Not quite. The process does not stop after you have created and placed your CTAs. It is important to monitor and collect data on your CTAs so you can make updates to them and continue to produce the best results.

Analyzing and monitoring your CTAs are crucial steps to optimizing their performance. How do you know if you are producing the best results if you do not track your CTAs performance? Optimizing your CTAs through marketing analytics will help you find what is working well and what areas you need to improve.

When monitoring your CTAs, there are a few different key metrics you should pay attention to:

  • Click-through rates: A click-through rate is the percentage of people who have seen your CTA and clicked on it. This metric will help you see which placement of your CTA works best and what aspects of your CTAs inspire visitors to click.
  • Click-to-submission rates: This metric reveals the number of visitors (people who clicked on your CTA) who filled out and submitted your lead capture form. This will help you compare the performance of one CTA on different website pages.
  • Views-to-submission rate: This metric tells you how many people saw your CTA and clicked on it, filled out, and submitted your lead capture form. This combination rate will point out the best qualities of your CTAs and show you what is working for your Brand.

You can monitor these metrics using marketing automation software, like HubSpot, to generate the analytics of your CTAs. Marketing automation software can also show the results of other key metrics of your CTAs to help you improve their performance. Be sure to analyze your CTAs at least once per month and continuously update them with your findings.

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