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 January 22, 2015

Analyzing Data to Strengthen Your Brand with Closed-Loop Marketing

Analyzing Data to Nurture LeadsClosed-loop marketing (CLM) allows you to examine the efficiency of each of your marketing channels by collecting data from your website visitors. You can utilize the data you collect to see if you are accomplishing your marketing goals or to see if each of your channels is performing the way they should be. There’s also the maintenance process of making sure that your loop stays working, and that your marketing keeps generating leads and Brand awareness.

Make sure you make the most out of using your data to nurture your leads. Let's say you’re an insurance broker who specializes in the construction industry. You have visitors who’ve hit your website or your social media channels, and downloaded your eBook on "5 Ways to Reduce Worker’s Comp Costs." If you leave it at that and don't use the data you gained to nurture those leads, what you have created is a website where "leads go to die." Wait, “die?”

You may be thinking, “Well Jim, that's kind of harsh- nobody has ever died from downloading an eBook – right?” Well, a lead that is not nurtured kind of just dies. Now, let's say that we create more thought leadership on the subject that your lead is interested in and send it to them. How about a checklist of the most common job site hazards that lead to increased workers’ comp claims or a worksheet of the best ways to conduct a workplace safety seminar? I think you get the idea – nurture those leads and don't let them die. 

What if you’re analyzing your marketing and realize that your organization gets more leads through email marketing when compared to social media marketing? Instead of switching gears and focusing solely on email, complement your social media leads with targeted marketing emails to help close the loop. 

If you find yourself in the opposite situation, where social media marketing generates more customers or patients instead of email, offer more targeted deals available through social media to your email leads.

Similarly, analyzing data, the statistics, from CLM allow you to determine what offers to use when trying to convert a lead. If you are offering content to your visitors, CLM allows you to look at which content you have offered previously has the highest success rate in leading to sales, you can offer that content again in hopes of repeating your previous success.

CLM gives you some insight into your prospective customers and patients. The information you obtain, like what touchpoints on your website they interacted with and what eventually turned them into a patient or customer, allows you to create ideal personas to target for future lead acquisition.

Personas are representations of who your ideal customer or patient is. They are created from the information you gain through closed-loop marketing and other marketing activities. The personas are based off of actual data you’ve received, so you can better tailor your marketing tactics to fit a certain persona you’ve created. Our eBook has some more information about personas.

In the event that your closed-loop marketing isn’t working properly, there are a few different things you can try to fix it. If you’ve put in all of this effort to set up a loop, we need to make sure it works.

The first problem you may be able to fix is ensuring that all of your website pages and domains are being tracked properly. Like we explained in an earlier blog, all of the links going to your website and your various webpages should have a tracking token attached to allow you to track your visitor’s viewing patterns. You need to have all of your web-related work tracked or else you won’t be able to properly look at every step in a closed-marketing loop.

Another problem to look into that isn’t necessarily breaking your loop, but that may be hindering it, is lead nurturing. If you’re not nurturing every lead that you receive, even your leads that have visited your site once or twice – then you’re not using CLM to its fullest potential. If you’re not gathering the data to see what potential clients and patients are looking for and following up with information – then you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage.

If you’re interested in learning more about CLM, check out our free eBook, “Building An Unbeatable Brand Experience: Improving Your Sales Cycle Through Closed-Loop Marketing.” Our eBook will help you with each step of creating a stronger and more cohesive marketing experience.

Setting up a tracking system is an essential aspect in closed-loop marketing, but it isn’t the simplest of processes. Let's touch base and I will put the Hult Team's experience to work for you. We can connect at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your Brand. 

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