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 April 11, 2019

6 Types of Digital Advertising That Can Quickly Help Grow Your Healthcare Brand

We’ve seen the future, and it is digital -- even in healthcare marketing and branding. We know that many patients are online before they even walk into or call our offices today, looking for the best healthcare for their needs, as well as other solutions online. But how do we keep our loyal patients and workers, our integrity, and have an outstanding digital marketing campaign as well? Easy -- digital marketing.

If it doesn’t sound all that easy to you, read on. In this article, we’ll discuss digital marketing, what it is, how to use it, and how it can help your healthcare business and healthcare brand stay on track with marketing, patients, and

What is Digital Advertising?

Well, digital advertising is just what it sounds like: advertising for your healthcare brand. While the concept may be simple, implementing it may sound overwhelming. Where do you start? What companies can help you with it if your time is limited? What does it involve? These are all questions that a great healthcare brand marketing company can help you answer, but first let’s get a solid definition down and some types of digital marketing that can help your healthcare brand retain and attract patients and employees.

According to The Financial Times business lexicon, digital marketing is “the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers, promoting brands and using all kinds of channels, including:

  • The Internet

  • Mobile communications

  • Social media

  • Display advertising

  • Search engine marketing

  • Apps 

In other words, digital marketing includes all six of these types of advertising, and your healthcare business should be using all of them to maximize patient loyalty and get the word out about your healthcare services.

How Can Digital Advertising Help Your Healthcare Brand?

First, digital advertising is the most effective way to get the word out about your healthcare brand. Word-of-mouth just doesn’t cut it anymore, because patients have so many choices these days. They also have much more information, and the ability to “shop around” more frequently and with quicker results than before. Capturing patient attention and loyalty is one of the best ways to build a healthcare brand, and digital advertising and Hult Marketing are here to help you do it.

Hult can help your team create a strategy for what advertising approach is best for your business. We will come up with the strategy, concepts, and creative for your team to drive digital marketing success. 

How Can I Use Digital Marketing to Help My Healthcare Brand?

Digital advertising is at its best when engaging your patients, creating interest in your brand through authentic marketing campaigns on social media, display advertising that captures their attention while visiting your website, or affiliate marketing they see while visiting other healthcare websites or informational sites. Did you know you can help drive patients from informational healthcare websites directly to your own company website with digital advertising?

The right healthcare marketing company can push your brand to the top, create easy access through digital advertising, and help your brand establish itself or grow in the healthcare industry. Digital advertising has become the single most effective type of advertising, and not just for healthcare brands -- television and print just can’t compare when people and patients are spending more and more of their time online. Combined with experiential efforts like seminars, healthcare information sessions, and effective website content, digital advertising can’t be beat.

Another fantastic thing about digital marketing is that it takes very little effort on your business’ part -- as long as you’re working with a reputable and dependable healthcare marketing company like Hult. Additionally, it takes less funds to run an effective digital advertising campaign.

Digital advertising is literally built into websites, and ads can be online in as little as an hour. That means your healthcare brand could see benefits the day you decide to start digital advertising. 

If your healthcare brand is ready to target your specific audience and patients, looking for a rapid solution that doesn’t take up too much of the business precious time caring for patients, and is ready to be wowed by quick results and ease of implementation, then digital advertising is definitely for you. And we will help you along the way by monitoring the program once it's up and running to ensure it is fully optimized to achieve optimum conversions. Contact Hult Marketing today to get started.

Let's chat and put the Hult Team’s inbound experience to work for you. You can reach me at either 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can grow your healthcare Brand.

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