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 November 02, 2017

The 5 Worst Marketing Mistakes Your Ophthalmology Practice Can Make

Ophthalmology Marketing MistakesWhen was the last time your ophthalmology Brand updated its marketing strategy? With both the healthcare and marketing industries constantly evolving, your practice’s marketing methods can quickly become outdated.

From our experience there are several common marketing mistakes that ophthalmology Brands frequently make. To ensure that your Brand doesn’t fall prey to those same errors, adapt your marketing strategy to avoid these five disastrous mistakes.

1. Not doing it

This may seem obvious, but you may not think you need to advertise your practice because everyone already knows about you. We can guarantee that not everyone is familiar with your ophthalmology Brand, because patients aren’t going to know about your Brand and the services you offer unless you actually tell them.

However, even if your Brand currently has a marketing strategy, it may not be working. Traditional marketing, like radio ads, are quickly being replaced with inbound marketing in the healthcare marketing industry, and because of this your practice needs to get ahead of your competition by integrating inbound methodologies into your marketing strategy.

2. Missing out on SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your Brand rank higher on search engines such as Google and Bing. When both current and potential patients are searching online, SEO helps them search for and find your practice. Whether they’re searching for the name of your practice or the services you offer, SEO is critical to generating leads.

Many ophthalmology practices delay creating an SEO strategy until they have finished other components of their marketing strategy. But wait - patients can’t find your Brand without an SEO strategy. So even if your practice has a beautiful website with quality blog posts, you’re still missing out on valuable leads.

3. Not using a blog

On the other hand, some ophthalmology practices have excellent SEO strategies, but no blog. Content plays an important part in converting visitors into loyal patients, since it provides them with useful information and guides them through the patient journey.

Having a blog for your Brand allows you to expound on your unique value propositions (UVPs), while supplying patients with answers to the questions they have. In your blogs, you can include everything from relevant health tips to details on services you offer. Overall, having a blog can generate traffic to your ophthalmology website since blogging leads to 55% more website visitors.

4. Forgetting a Brand strategy

Marketing and branding go hand-in-hand. Before you create a marketing strategy for your practice, you need to have a firm Brand foundation. What are your goals? What are your unique value propositions? Where do you envision your Brand in 10 years? What’s your story?

At Hult Marketing, we guide your ophthalmology Brand through our Brand Discovery Process to develop a truly unique Brand identity for your practice before we create your personalized, integrated marketing strategy.

5. Ignoring research

Research is a crucial part of any successful marketing campaign. Not only should you research at the planning stage – what patients like and what they’re looking for, the best times to send out emails, which keywords to utilize – you need to research continuously.

Ophthalmology marketing trends change constantly, and your patients are changing as well. Knowing how to best serve your patients is always better than just guessing what they like. Remember to continually check and test components of your marketing strategy to make improvements. Patients weren’t the same last year as they are this year, and they won’t be the same next year.

Stay ahead of the game and find more information on building successful inbound marketing campaigns for your ophthalmology Brand in our free eBook, Tools of The Trade: 7 Fundamentals of an Effective Inbound Marketing Campaign.

Avoid several common marketing mistakes by integrating inbound marketing into your Brand’s marketing strategy. Let's chat and put the Hult Team’s experience to work for you and your Brand. You can reach me at 309-673-8191 or, and together, we can create a better focus on your ophthalmology Brand.

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