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 November 08, 2018

5 Significant Stats That Demonstrate the Importance of Social Media in Healthcare Today

Last week, Hult’s very own Jim Flynn presented the “5 Key Strategies to Drive Practice Growth” at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) 2018 Conference. If you missed the discussion, you can find a recap of that session by clicking here, where we discuss the five strategies in depth. The main goal throughout the presentation was to put emphasis on how important social media is to your medical

Not only can social media give a voice and personality to your practice, but it can also drive patient volume. If you’re still not convinced social media needs to be a priority for your practice, here are five statistics that prove the importance of social in today’s world:

Over 40% of respondents in a survey by National Research Corp rely on social networking for health information, and 94% of those people turn to Facebook. (Source Healthcare Success)

This demonstrates that Facebook is the top platform for sharing all healthcare content. Not only are patients actively searching online for healthcare information, which is well known today, but nearly all of them are turning specifically to Facebook alone to gain this knowledge. 

68% of U.S. adults are Facebook users, with roughly three-quarters of those users accessing Facebook on a daily basis. (Source: Pew)

As we just discovered that Facebook is the most important social media platform for sharing healthcare information, this stat alone demonstrates just how many potential patients your practice is missing out on. With so many Facebook users in the U.S. alone, it is a disservice to your practice to not be actively connecting with all your current and future patients on Facebook regularly.

42% of individuals viewing health information on social media look at health-related consumer reviews. (Source: PWC)

Again, not only are patients searching for healthcare information online, but they’re relying on what they find to base their decisions off of. That means if your practice is not active online, there may be negative reviews already out there where patients that had a negative experience expressed that online, without any word from your team to tell your side of the story. Essentially, by not being on social, you’re missing out on an opportunity to have a voice and respond to your naysayers.

80% of Internet users, or about 93 million Americans, have searched for a health-related topic online, according to a study released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. (Source: NBC News)

The amount of people searching online for healthcare information is continuously growing. By creating and promoting your own content through social media, you will also continue to grow and become more visible to potential patients.

82% of all consumers Internet traffic will be video traffic by 2021, up from 73% in 2016. (Source: Cisco)

One of the best ways to promote content as a practice is through video. As demonstrated, video traffic is also going to continue to grow so putting great video content out into the world will help your healthcare Brand. Video is a great way to bring a personal touch to your practice. Featuring your patients and physicians on your website is a great thing to do, but featuring them in your videos is an even better method to show the care and effort that goes into the work at your practice.

As discussed in last week’s presentation, your practice’s social media presence should not serve as an epicenter for turmoil and angst, rather it should serve as a driver for establishing your practice’s Brand authority and driving patient volume.

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