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 October 23, 2018

Online Reputation Management: 5 Key Strategies to Drive Practice Growth

Is Social Media a disruptor for your practice – or a platform for advocating your differentiation? Many practices struggle to effectively disarm social media naysayers, but often, the key comes from giving the promoters a louder voice in advocating for your practice Brand. With a purpose, social media can give a voice and personality to your practice.blogging-business-cms-265667

With 42% of individuals viewing health information on social media looking at health related consumer reviews, it is clear that your practice’s social media presence should serve as a driver for establishing your practice’s Brand authority and driving patient volume. Here are five strategies to implement in order to drive that practice growth:

1. Be strategic in the way you utilize your social media properties 

Share important information with your patients and have them learn to rely on your posts for updates on various practice happenings such as practice achievements and new developments or changes at the practice. Highlight individual doctors and bring a personal element to your practice by allowing your patients to get a look inside your practice.

2. Create a content calendar

Creating an effective content calendar is the first step in creating an effective social strategy. A content calendar is a shareable resource that everyone on your marketing team can access and use for planning. It helps identify the types of posts and how many posts your team will create. Plan the components of each post including adding links and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) keywords. Then, schedule your posts to maintain a thoughtful strategy and to stay consistent by using marketing tools such as Hootsuite and HubSpot.

3. Acknowledge patients' comments in a timely manner

Create a strategy on how to react to both positive and negative comments, including setting up measures to catch comments immediately, assigning one person to deal with all comments, and providing an understanding, thoughtful response that is fitting to your practice. Also, learn the logistics to blocking or reporting someone on each social media platform in case a situation arises where your social accounts are being spammed. 

4. Drive conversions to your website

By doing something simple such as adding social media sharing buttons to your website’s content, you’re providing an effortless way to spread your content to your patients’ own networks. Other methods include driving your audience to your landing pages and promoting your blog posts through social, which will assist in capturing patient leads.

5. Measure and monetize your social media efforts

Consistently link back to a lead capture tool by linking social content to landing pages and blog posts with CTAs to measure your lead conversions and calculate a ROI for your efforts. Tracking your organic and paid social efforts will also help you measure success.

Discover how to combat the disruptive nature of social media to garner it as a platform for positively impacting practice reputation and for information sharing. 

Join us as our very own Jim Flynn, National Speaker and President/CEO of Hult Marketing, returns to share the latest industry marketing insights at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Conference 2018. By attending this presentation, you will learn insights on how to use social media to drive overall practice volume, and especially that for cash-pay procedures such as LASIK, Oculoplastics, and as premium IOLs.

Monday 10/29 | 11:30AM - 12:30PM
Session: 470 - Location: S103D
Online Reputation Management: Five Key Strategies to Drive Practice Growth

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