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 August 10, 2017

3 Things Your Healthcare Practice Can Learn From Your Competition

081017-orange.jpgWhen looking for ways to grow and improve your healthcare Brand's marketing strategies, looking internally isn’t the only option. Alternately, take time to look outwards and examine your competition. Are their marketing campaigns working? How do you stack up? By performing this analysis, you can discover your Brand’s distinction and develop better marketing strategies.

With that in mind, here are 3 clever things your healthcare Brand can learn from your competition.

1. Patient Insights

To be in competition with your healthcare practice, your competitors must be doing something right. So how do they attract patients? Examining how patients react to your competitors’ marketing efforts can help you understand what prompts them to take action.

For instance, perhaps your practice pushes a lot of content through email, but you’re not getting the ROI you expected. After taking a look at a marketing campaign from that practice across town, you notice that your target market frequently interacts with their Facebook page and their posts. From this observation, you’ve gained a better understanding of what media your patients prefer, and you have some insights as to how to target them. From there, you can brainstorm new ways to realign your marketing strategy to reflect where your patients are and what engages them.

2. What NOT to Do

Not only should you be looking to see what works, but you also need to identify your competition’s faults and mistakes. Even though some marketing mistakes are unpredictable, there are many bumps and flaws that can be avoided. Looking at mistakes your competitors have made can help you avoid similar errors.

Sometimes even small oversights can ruin an entire campaign. For example, maybe that practice across town ran a radio-based campaign promoting an upcoming informational session – but no one registered! Now you know that radio may not work to reach the patients you’re targeting. Instead, you could implement inbound marketing methodologies and create a keyword-based SEO campaign to attract interested patients.

3. Proven Strategies

Oftentimes, copy is written a certain way because it works – like listicles such as the one you’re reading. The same can be said for ad designs and proven marketing strategies. Keep an eye on your competition and the rest of the healthcare industry to find common trends and themes. Does everyone’s primary call-to-action lead to a consultation? Or do they offer an informational piece to download?

Look for patterns in healthcare marketing to see what works, and then start implementing those strategies and methodologies into your own marketing. Keep in mind that you’re looking for successful marketing patterns and methods, not plagiarizing, stealing or duplicating your competitors’ content or creative.

A great example of a proven marketing methodology is inbound marketing, which focuses on drawing in the right patients for your practice with a combination of techniques including content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

All in all, there’s not always a need to reinvent the marketing wheel. Your healthcare Brand can stay ahead of the competition by keeping your eyes open, staying up-to-date on healthcare industry news and being aware of the latest marketing trends.

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