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 December 20, 2018

2019 Healthcare Marketing Trends: Voices, Searches, and Popup Death

Technology and advertising have driven the healthcare marketing industry for more than a decade, but there is a major shift happening in the way consumers, patients, and medical professionals view both the healthcare industry and the marketing campaigns they are involved in. An industry that was once driven only by success and the need to provide the best medications for the most people at the cheapest cost has grown

The healthcare marketing industry has realized that medicine is more about the patients and the healthcare professionals who help them on a daily basis, and this realization has made medicine and healthcare marketing more personal than it has been in years. Let’s take a look at the most important trends in healthcare marketing today: 

Voice-activated Searches

Voice-activated searching could only have passed you by if you’ve been living under a rock -- but some of us do. Regardless, voice-searches rely on search engine rankings (SEO) to get patients and healthcare professionals the information they need in their local areas. Voice-based search queries are becoming the new normal, as we’re driving the kids to school in the car, or racing to a business meeting and need to know if our symptoms warrant a doctor visit. Putting a quick voice search out into the Internet universe via Siri, Alexa, Cortana, or Google Voice is the quickest and easiest way to locate a medical practice nearby or find the answer to medical questions we have.

Social Media

For your healthcare business to be found in these voice searches, its key that your business is posting regularly on social media. This will also organically improve your search rankings and get your content to people who do good old-fashioned Google searches on their devices, as well. Creative social media campaigns that drive interest are also important -- no one wants to read, dull, repetitive content. So give your website and your practice a boost, and have an experienced marketing agency handle your campaign and your social media posts across several different platforms.


Blogs are just as important as social media, and are the perfect place to develop your brand’s voice, tone, and ignite interest in your campaigns. While SEO is important in blogs, you don’t need to use your keywords 800 times in order to be found on search engines. What you do need is a relatively new yet old technique you may have heard of: storytelling. When you envision storytelling, it may put you in mind of circle time at your child’s kindergarten or listening to tales from your grandmother’s wild youth. The concept is the same, but the execution is a bit different. We’ll talk about this more in the “Videos & Vlogs” section below.

Videos & Vlogs

Let’s face it and embrace it: YouTube with all its trappings is not going away anytime soon. Videos pop up on our feeds constantly, and sometimes it's much quicker to watch a video than it is to read a blog or social media post. Video is becoming more and more important to marketing campaigns in all walks of life, but particularly in healthcare. Let’s talk about why that is.

Video is the second-best way to connect with a concept or idea -- the best way being hands-on experience with someone in person. Due to our busy lives and the constant need for more and more learning, we don’t always have the chance to learn about a new healthcare technique or option from our doctors. Enter the Internet and videos. We can experience (almost) first-hand a new medical treatment or trend just by voice-searching it with a smart device -- and we may come away with a better understanding that isn’t bogged down by complicated medical terminology only healthcare professionals understand.

Storytelling & Creativity

Storytelling is a viable and useful form of marketing in the healthcare industry, specifically because it addresses the recent trend in informing, educating, and engaging patients and clients in a new (but old) way. Essentially, storytelling plays to the desire people have to read engaging, interesting content that isn’t like everyone else’s. This healthcare marketing trend moves away from the SEO-heavy trends of yesteryear and into the future of marketing. It’s human nature to want to read something unique or original that teaches us something -- and your healthcare marketing audience is human. Bringing life to your blogs, videos, and other marketing content is the best way to tap that market and keep it coming back for more.

Less Advertising & Better Communication

In line with our storytelling revelation is the reduction of overt advertising campaigns and better communication and understanding of the healthcare client and professional base we are trying to reach. Popup blockers are now ubiquitous, and most of us just click right out of about 90% of the ads that appear on our screens daily, rarely giving their content a second thought. The demise of popup ads and on-screen ads is readily replaced by quality, interesting content that leaves readers with something tangible or intangible that they can base future healthcare decisions on for years to come.

Voice-activated searching, storytelling, and videos are the wave of the future, or at least 2019. If your healthcare marketing campaign or plan doesn’t include them, you may want to rethink it. Have a fantastic rest of 2018, and look to the future with these necessary healthcare marketing trends.

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