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 April 06, 2016

12 Tips to Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Tips to Creating Landing Pages that ConvertYour organization has a purpose. Whether it’s to sell, serve or consult, you need qualified customers to operate on a day-to-day basis. But how do you continue to grow your customer database and your business? Landing pages are web pages that allow your visitors to exchange their contact information for your offer—converting them to a lead. When integrated into your inbound marketing strategy, landing pages will generate leads for your organization, and you can begin converting them to customers.

The goal of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads. It’s inevitable. You could spend hours creating landing pages for every offer and campaign you are running. But if they are not optimized to convert, are they fulfilling a purpose? Use these 12 tips to help you create quality landing pages that convert your visitors into leads and those leads into customers.

12 Tips to Creating Landing Pages That Convert:

  1. Understand the purpose of your landing page: Is your landing page part of your lead generation strategy? Are you using it with your paid search campaign? Whatever your goal is, make sure your landing page can fulfill it. Also, have a clear understanding of your target audience and your value to them. Why should your audience be interested in what you have to offer?
  2. Grab your audience’s attention: Use a title and page design that will grab your audience’s attention and compel them to submit your form. Your title should clearly state your value and attract your audience to your page. The 5-second rule doesn’t just apply to food—you have 5 seconds to grab your visitors’ attention and keep them on your page. So, make sure you don’t lose your visitor on an unattractive landing page. 
  3. Be specific: Be clear and concise throughout your entire landing page—from your title to your copy to your form. Your visitor should easily be able to identify who you are, what you do, what your offer is, and what value they will receive from submitting your form.
  4. Make your landing page user-friendly: The goal of your landing page is to compel your visitors to fill out your form. Keep your visitors in mind when designing your page, and make sure it is easy to navigate, fill out and submit. Also, optimize your page for mobile for your tech-savvy visitors (which is nearly everyone these days).
  5. Remove all distractions from your page: Don’t distract your visitors from the purpose of your landing page. Remove all distractions, including navigation links, from your landing page to increase the chance of your visitor staying on your page and filling out your form.
  6. Use images: A picture says a thousand words. Yes its cliché, but it’s true. Use an image on your landing page to attract your visitor and enhance the value of your offer. 
  7. Use a clean page design: The main focus of your landing page should be your lead form. Don’t create a fancy, colorful page design that distracts visitors from the main focus of the page. Keep your page clean and organized to highlight your form and page copy.
  8. Place important information above the fold: Place all your important information above the fold, including your form, to increase your page’s chance of being read.
  9. Include social sharing links: Use the power of social media in your landing pages. Allow your visitors to share your offer with their connections by including social sharing links on your landing page. This not only increases your credibility, but also drives traffic to your landing page.
  10. Use a call-to-action (CTA): Use CTAs to link to your landing pages. Place CTAs throughout your website, social media pages and other online marketing channels. This will allow you to target your message and increase your page’s traffic.
  11. Include search engine optimization (SEO): Allow your landing page to be found online through SEO. When you use keywords, meta descriptions and other SEO tactics on your landing page, you will increase traffic to your page and become a thought leader to the visitors searching for solutions to their problems.
  12. Use A/B testing: Continuously test the elements in your landing pages through A/B testing. A/B testing is when you test the effectiveness of a single variable on two pages. Use your results to improve the performance of your landing pages.

For more tips on creating landing pages that convert, download our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Optimization. Our eBook will help guide your landing page strategy to attract and convert qualified leads. 

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Download The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Optimization


Download The Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Optimization